Frequently Asked Questions


What is best way to shop for windows?

  1. Realize that most windows are already efficient; therefore don’t make your reason for buying, efficiency.
  2. Determine the type of window material you like. Think about what type of look will best look in your home. Think about what materials you like and what fits your style.
  3. Determine which options are important to you. Some options include; screen types, grills, locks, and so forth.
  4. Then find the window with these specifications at the price you want.

Our project managers will help you through this decision process. We store a wide variety of window and door samples in our showroom. Our displays were built to “plug in” different windows so our clients can compare looks, finishes and options.

How long does a window installation take?

Typically installations take from 1-2 days, depending on the number of windows or doors being installed.

When do you know it is time to replace windows?

You’ll begin to notice discomfort in your home. In the winter it may seem as if the heater can’t keep a room warm or cool in the summer. This could be caused by convection, leakage or draft. Sometimes homeowners experience greater heat upstairs because the windows are projecting solar heat through leaking windows. This will increase your utility usage without solving the issue.

Why should I buy from Orion of Virginia?

Is Orion licensed and insured?

Yes, we carry the appropriate insurance and worker's compensation. Our Class A builder license and   Virginia Contractor's License: 2705 128083A.

Does Orion guarantee their installations?

Yes. We don’t leave a job site until the client is happy and has signed off after reviewing the finished product. Installation guarantee for 1 year.